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  • How Is Your Year Working Out So Far?

    As we enter the third quarter of the year, businesses should take the time to check how they are progressing with their goals. Surely, many businesses and people have set some great goals when the year started. How far or near are they from these goals? Too often, too many people will reach the end […]Read More »

  • Avoid Strife

    In the previous article, I discussed how important it is to actively pursue change, instead of waiting for it to happen to you. However, whenever you pursue change, strife is always going to be close by, trying to de-rail your success. To overcome this strife, and reach your goals successfully, you need to be aware […]Read More »

  • Pursue Change

    Whilst reading my daily devotion from UCB, I came across a leadership quote that really gave me pause for thought: “Don’t just change enough to get away from your problems, change enough to solve them. Don’t just change your circumstances to improve your life, change yourself to improve your circumstances. Don’t do the same old […]Read More »

  • How Do You Measure Your Success?

    In a world that’s driven by cold, hard cash, most people measure success by the size of your bank balance. Whether it’s an individual or a whole company, money is seen as the main aim in life. A focus on cash and profits is important for businesses, but it shouldn’t be the “be all and […]Read More »

  • Am I Too Small a Business For KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)?

    When a business is just starting out, or when it’s facing a crisis, then most business owners will be in the habit of measuring and checking everything. Naturally, monitoring cash flow and profit margins is crucial at these times- after all, as Gordon Gecko said, cash is king. During crisis mode, that monitoring will extend […]Read More »


Welcome. Our mission and passion is to enable each person & organisation to become more successful. Working with clients around the globe, from New Zealand, through Europe, the UK & over to North America they benefit from hands-on coaching & world renowned business growth tactics.

We use decades of real, hands-on business experience to enable each business we work with to overcome their business growing pains by increasing profits, building better teams & releasing time of owners & managers to live their dreams!

Our tools, templates & techniques are accessible through our coaching programmes, to suit every budget & type of business. We work with organisations looking to grow or move to the next level, whatever format that may be.

We are committed to every client's success, working to our key values of plain speaking, sleeves rolled up hard work, guaranteed results & work/life ethics. Take a look at what others say & ask about our Success Guarantee, for which we agree success results with each client & coach for free until they are achieved...blue-guarantee

It’s wonderful to have someone to ask advice of and get honest and constructive feedback from, and someone who keeps me focused on my goals and helps me move my business forward. I can wholeheartedly recommend talking to Simon Meadows if you’re overwhelmed by your business or if it isn’t going in the right direction or not fast enough. Everyone should have a Simon!

Alison Leckenby
Alison Leckenby Best of Retford

I have been working with Simon as my business coach for almost four years and in that time my company has gone from strength to strength. Today, Simon sat down with myself and my marketing manager and helped us formulate a plan for the next three years. His advice, common sense, management tool kit and the fact that he has "been there, done that" and succeeded himself make him an incredibly value resource for our business. On top of that he is a very nice guy and a pleasure to work with.

Joanne Wilson
Joanne Wilson Fill The Gap Marketing

He offers bespoke advice and looks at individuals ‘whole’ set of circumstancesand life expectations. He then helps us to harness our creativity and entrepreneurship and turn that into productivity.

No ‘hallelujahs’ or hype, just practical, sound, usable guidance. I can highly recommend Simon’s workshops and coaching.
Thank you Simon

Suzy Walgate
Suzy Walgate JuicePlus

Simon helps us grow which has noticeably improved the volume of customers has increased profits. All of the above would not have happened if we hadn’t employed Simon’s services, as we are all busy, sometimes doing the wrong thing! Simon has helped to point us in the right direction. Simon, thanks for your help so far

Peter Frohmaier
Peter Frohmaier S and P Garages

Learn How To Make More Money, Build Great Teams & Release Time To Live Your Dreams

Schedule your call & learn 3 keys to unlock your success potential